On Track:
The Women’s Aid Outcome Measurement System

On Track is all about using data to strengthen domestic abuse services and improve outcomes for survivors. 

On Track is Women’s Aid’s case management and outcomes monitoring system.  

It offers a complete package of resources and support, including: 

  • A cloud-based, case management and outcomes monitoring database – OASIS DA with On Track (provided by IT Works). 
  • A full set of template case management forms and outcomes monitoring tools developed for the domestic abuse sector. 
  • An inbuilt reporting suite allowing services to report comprehensively, accurately and meaningfully at the touch of a button.
  • Support to implement the programme from the team here at Women’s Aid as well as ongoing support around data and evaluation. 

On Track was built by our members and continues to develop in line with services’ needs. Over 80 organisations are now currently using Women’s Aid’s case management and outcomes monitoring system, enabling them to: 

  • Improve data quality. 
  • Support and streamline casework, maximising time and resources.
  • Provide meaningful outcomes for funders.
  • Produce reports at the click of a button.
  • Demonstrate impact and financial value.

To find out more about how On Track can benefit your work, contact the On Track team at Women’s Aid: [email protected] 

 “It’s easy to use and customisable, it collects a lot of information which can be gathered in the reporting tool for our funders. Funders are often surprised and pleased with the detail of our reporting.”  

~On Track User Survey 2021 

Why use On Track?

On Track was built by members for members 

On Track has been piloted with members, survivors, academics and commissioners to make sure it fits perfectly into the day-to-day life of frontline services. Each service is unique, so the system can be customised to fit specific requirements.   

The needs of survivors and services change over time, so we host annual user groups, where On Track users discuss and provide feedback as to how On Track can be improved and keep meeting the needs of services and staff. 

On Track icon

Case management and outcomes monitoring rolled into one

On Track provides a single, integrated solution for case management and outcome reporting – no duplication, no extra forms.  

The information needed to manage cases and to show outcomes is gathered as part of usual working processes using the case management system which includes support and safety planning tools.  

On Track reduces the need for external emails, notes, and paper files. Staff can securely share information across the team using the inbuilt messaging and reminder functions to keep track of caseloads, and keep client information secure. 

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Reporting at the touch of a button

On Track has a simple, but powerful reporting function that will allows reporting on a wide range of data in minutes, so frontline staff spend more time focussing on what matters most – supporting clients. 

On Track enables users to produce standard or customised reports for funding bodies, commissioners, promotional material, presentations or training and to learn what works at your service with reports on teams and individual caseloads. 

The team at Women’s Aid can show On Track users how to showcase their data and tailor it to various audiences and to clearly demonstrate the impact of frontline services.  

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Contribute to national data

When using On Track, services still own their data.  

Services can contribute to a secure, anonymised national data-set, which enables Womens Aid to build an evidence base for “what works” in the domestic abuse sector, and support a national network of learning, for example as part of the Annual Survey.  

Survivors will always have control over their information and can choose to opt out of sharing their anonymised data. 

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Ongoing support from Women’s Aid

Life in frontline services is hectic and time is precious, so we want to make sure implementation is simple and pain-free.  

The On Track team will provide consultancy and support if and when it’s needed. Services using On Track nominate a staff member to be an On Track Lead, a focal point for their service. Staff can email the Women’s Aid On Track team with any specific problems or to make suggestions for changes. We also offer workshops for members on various aspects of using the system. 

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Members have access to a rolling programme of On Track workshops developed to increase confidence, improve data skills, reporting and make the most of the data collected as part of everyday work. 

Contact us at: [email protected] to find out about upcoming workshops and user groups. 

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How can we get involved?

Get in touch with us to express your interest and discuss a tentative start date to join the programme.

Imkaan Members

Imkaan has also developed an outcome measurement system tailored to the needs of its members.


What support is offered to get started with On Track?

Our support process ensures the implementation of On Track is simple and efficient. Members receive free consultancy from Women’s Aid upon sign up. 

  • A member of the On Track team at Women’s Aid will guide you through the process. 
  • We will review your current data collection and monitoring reports to ensure your system is tailored to your needs. 
  • We will support liaison with your commissioners and funders to discuss how On Track reporting can meet their requirements. 
  • We will support you to look at current processes and adapt them to On Track. 
  • You will have access to workshops and support to improve skills and confidence and make the most of the system 

Who is On Track for?

The On Track programme is available to all domestic abuse services.  It has been designed for all types of support to survivors and their children, including helpline work, counselling, advocacy, outreach, therapeutic group work, refuge and resettlement.

Do we have to buy a new database to get involved?/ We already have a case management system but would like to collect outcomes data

To fully benefit from the On Track programme, you will need the OASIS DA with OTrack case management system from IT WorksIf needed, we can help with suggestions for fundraising for the system. 

What kind of evidence can we gather and report on with On Track?

On Track collects a wide range of information on women and children using services including: 

  • Who uses your service (client profiles). 
  • Caseloads and patterns of work/ referrals.
  • What support you offer (outputs).
  • What difference your support makes for survivors (outcomes).
  • Service user satisfaction.
  • Intelligence about other agencies.  

The system allows reports to be broken down between different parts of the service and can also be adapted to allow services to collect specific information on particular grants and contracts. 

Our current data collection systems don’t fit with On Track / Our commissioners/funders need information which isn’t included in On Track

Women’s Aid will offer consultancy (free to our members) to help with streamlining current data collection and reviewing the template forms 

As a part of this consultancy, we will review your reporting and monitoring requirements, check these against On Track and identify any areas not included. We will then work with you to identify the best solution.  This may be: 

  • Reviewing and revising internal data collections systems.
  • Supporting you to liaise with commissioners and funders around their requirements. 
  • Help you review your work processes.
  • IT Works can add custom data to your case management system if required.

We’ve never used a case management system before? /We’re all used to our existing CMS

You’ll receive staff and management training on using the database and the forms from Women’s Aid or IT Works. Your On Track Lead will be guided through the implementation process to support them in their role which can include speaking to all staff about the upcoming change and making sure everything is prepared. 

We’re not sure how to use the data to support our work?

We can help with using, interpreting, and managing the quality of the data you collect both before and after implementation on On Track.

Women’s Aid costs

Our implementation support is free to members however, we will charge non-members for this.  We can also provide training on the system – currently our training is delivered on-line at a cost of £65 per person. 

Oasis costs

For the software itself there is a setup fee and then an annual recurring cost which depends on the number of users.  Our partners IT Works can provide services with a quote: [email protected].  The quote will be on a sliding scale that takes into account how many people will be using the system.  It will also include a quote for providing training and for moving across any old data you have in a different system.  

What are the benefits?

For services:

On Track is designed to make assessment and data collection faster, simpler and more consistent and information sharing across the team is easier and safer.   

The programme enables individual services to gather, own and use outcomes data – both to improve the support they offer, and to communicate their value to funders and commissioners. 

For the sector:

On Track is designed to create a live, sector-wide, national dataset providing evidence of survivor needs, support delivered and service outcomes. 

The national data will, inform research into ‘what works’.

For funders and commissioners:

On Track offers a clear performance framework for funders and commissioners by outlining realistic outcomes and meaningful performance indicators.  

Training, implementation support and data validation, mean that commissioners can expect good quality information. 

How does On Track link to the Imkaan and Women’s Aid Sustainability Partnership?

On Track has been developed in collaboration with Imkaan as part of the Imkaan and Women’s Aid Sustainability Partnership. 

Imkaan has also developed an outcome measurement system tailored to the needs of its members, called Synthesis. For more information, Imkaan members can contact: [email protected] 

Is On Track available to non-members or services outside the UK? 

Yes, implementation support is free to members though we will charge non-members for this. Services outside the UK can discuss their needs with IT Works: [email protected]. 

What our members say

Since the national roll-out began, a substantial number of services have implemented and are using On Track.  

“Allows us to report on our performance and throughput at any given time.  Enables us to glean information which ordinarily would not be available to us to support funding applications and report on our performance to each of our funders.”   

“It is a huge benefit that staff have immediate access to the case files so they are able to assist a service user if their named worker is not available.  It is reassuring that the system is so secure and that our data is properly protected.”  

“Centrally stored information that everyone can access who needs to, loads of data which you can use to help support funding bids and really show what you have been doing as an organisation, security and a great help desk who are really responsive.” 

From humble beginnings 

Eight members originally piloted the software, providing their knowledge and expertise which helped us ensure the system was built by members for members.  We are grateful to the following pilot sites: 

  • Jewish Women’s Aid  
  • Manchester Women’s Aid 
  • RISE 
  • Solace Women’s Aid 
  • Juno Women’s Aid 
  • Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid 
  • Wycombe Women’s Aid 
  • Crossroads Derbyshire 

There are now over 80 organisations using On Track for case management and outcomes monitoring, and we are always supporting new services through their implementation process. 

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